Community Witness

With your vote for steemhq.witness you gain a share of the Community Witness propotional to your Steempower.
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Vote for witness

Give one of your witness votes to steemhq.witness and you are qualified for all upcomming payout periods.

Relax and be a witness

All accounts voted for a full month are qualified for a payout of Steem which was earned in each period.

Gain witness rewards

All Steem earned from the witness will payed out once a month to all qualified accounts proportional to their Steempower minus a small fee.

The Steemblockchain is the publicly accessible distributed database, which records all posts and votes, and distributes the rewards across the network.

It is where all of the text content and voting data is stored, and it is where all of the reward calculations and payouts are performed.

The best places all about this topic can be found on and

The Community Witness is created and operated by @roomservice, a rock solid and trustworthy Steem community member. operates a dedicated server to witness blocks on the Steem blockchain.

Instead of running a Steem witness yourself, simply join the Community Witness with just your vote. Steem block producer rewards will be payed to the community on a monthly basis. It's that easy!

In order to cover the cost of this project (for example server, front- and backend development, maintainance, liquid Steem for payouts) a fee is taken from all producer rewards gathered each month. This project will always operate in the best interest of the Steem Blockchain, the community and stakeholders.

All you need an account on the Steem blockchain and a valid vote for the steemhq.witness account.

Voting can be done on using this link or on using that link.

At the beginning of each month a snapshot of all accounts who voted for the witness is taken. Depending on how much Steempower you hold at this time, your proportional share of all earnings for this month is calculated. You can always check the data right here.

Payout for each account automatically happens on the 1st of each month for all earnings accumulated the month before.

Sure! All relevant information can always be found here with data directly from the blockchain. Community Witness was designed to accumulate all witness producer rewards for a whole month. After your vote was made, you will be qualified for the upcoming month and you will stay qualified until you remove your vote.

Profits depend on your Steempower, which affects your voting weight for witnesses, and how much votes for the Community Witness were made.

The higher the witness is ranked, the more blocks can be produced which directly affects the rewards pool for the community.

Community Bot

Community Bot is a automated upvoting bot for all Steemians who participate in the Community Witness project.

Vote for witness

Give one of your witness votes to  steemhq.witness and the Community Bot automatically adds you as a member.

Create posts on Steem

Just use Steem as you already do now. Go and create quality post and the bot will look for your content.

Get upvotes

The Community Bot will upvote one of your post at least once every week!